The Freedom of Homeschooling

A few weeks ago, we were driving back from a quick weekend trip to the beach and as I negotiated the mountain pass, my wife and I were discussing the preparation for the new school year, the "Bummer of Summer" (when the days get shorter...), and the overall state of affairs in our family.  As I listened to my wife, I could hear the stress and emotion from her "consta-morning sickness" work it's way into her side of the conversation: "I'm not ready...I can't do this...I'm exhausted all can I teach five kids, when all I want to do is sleep...etc..."

As husbands, sometimes it is our role to listen, sometimes we need to reason, sometimes we even need to contradict our wives in conversation.  Let me remind you, I was driving a 12 passenger van through the twisty mountains and next to me was a PREGNANT HOMESCHOOL mom.  Needless to say, you choose your words carefully and wisely. 

This was an easy one though.  I told her she didn't need to start school in September.  That's the freedom of homeschooling, isn't it?  The only reason we are amped to start in September is because that is when everyone else is starting.  Since when are we bound by the behavior of our friends (or even worse, the public school...).

Don't get me wrong - we are not "lazyschoolers" and I am married to an efficiency/organization expert (even the yogurt in our fridge is organized by color and flavor ).  My suggestion was that she wait a month and begin in October - just taking one more month to let her body equalize to being pregnant and get a little more preparation done.

Here's my point - sometimes we need to step in as husbands-fathers-shepherds-leaders and pull the burdens off of our wives.  This didn't take much, just a few words, but I could almost literally see a transformation in my wife.  It improved even more as the week went on and I was pleased to hear her make reference to this decision in several conversations.

Dads - as the head of the home, we need to pay attention and we need to hear the small crys for help.  As one that often misses it, thanks for letting me share this one success, I hope it is a reminder/encouragement for you.

Quietly making noise,