theMT Recommendations - August 06

As the month closes upon us, theMangoTimes staff has again provided the following recommendations:

Glazed Donuts

: I'm not sure if I recommended these yet.  They are my evalu-donut whenever I visit a new donut shop.  The way I see it...if a donut shop cannot make a good glazed donut, then I don't trust the shop with the rest of the donut family.

Bocce Ball

: My dad just put in a new court at the house, complete with crushed oyster shell surface and nightlighting.  A great way to end the day.

Ardbeg Scotch

: The smoky, peaty flavor tastes like it's been filtered through an old leather wallet.

AT&T Park

: Home of the SF giants.  I am not a baseball fan and I don't particularly like San Francisco, but this park makes up for the potential boredom of nine innings in a city I'd rather avoid.  We caught a Giants/Dodgers game last Friday and from the moment I walked in until we walked out, I was utterly impressed with this baseball stadium (okay, mostly the food...).

Back to School

: The best part of being a homeschooler is when all the other kids go back to school.  Typically, we plan a major family vacation for the first week of September (muted this year due to pregnancy), but I love when the rest of the world goes back to school.

Quietly making noise,