The Contest

I love the heat of the central valley. Today was one of those perfect days - warm sunshine with a light breeze to keep the air moving.  After church, we came home and filled ourselves on fresh chicken salad sandwiches.  After finishing the uneaten sandwiches and pieces of crust from my picky eaters, I was feeling a bit tired and came up with a brilliant idea.  a contest!

I told the mangokids that I was going to hold a contest to see which of them could give me the best foot-rub!  There was a smattering of interest until I explained that the prize would be a trip to our favorite scottish hamburger joint (aka McDonalds).  Suddenly there was great excitement from the mangokids to participate in dad's contest and I had four willing participants lined up and ready to go.

I told them it would be best if I lied down on the living room couch and that I'd be best able to judge the contest if I popped in my iPod and listened to some relaxing music.

And so the contest began...  It lasted over an hour as each child tried their best to outdo one another with their individual foot rubbing techniques.  I'd like to think I remembered the individual strategies, but I was asleep moments into the first contestant.

I don't know how it ended, but I woke up with my middle daughter asleep on my belly as we each shared one ear piece of the iPod listening to Jack Johnson sing about banana pancakes.  I was still half awake and half asleep when I announced that my 2nd son won the contest.  He was thrilled and based his success on his fancy "toe pulling and foot twisting." me on this one.  This was a brilliant idea...this was like Wild E. Coyote kind of brilliance.  For the cost of gas and a sundae at McDonalds, I was given an afternoon nap and foot massage.  I continue to remain amazed at my ability to come up with these week... who can make the perfect ice tea and give dad a backrub...

Quietly making noise,