Get Well Soon

Last week all six of my kids and my lovely wife took turns working through the 24 hour stomach flu.  By God's grace, I remained healthy and kicked the virus out of our house.  Until yesterday...when the flu bug returned with seven of it's nasty brothers and descended upon me.  I came home from work and slept for 15 hours straight, then in an extremely unusual move, I chose to stay home from work today.

Let me begin by saying - I never miss work.  Maybe it was my upbringing (I will blog later on "The Power of Certs") or maybe I don't like to reschedule all of my patients...but in ten years of practice I can count on one hand the number of times I have missed work due to illness.

All this to say, my little girls have never seen me so sick...they rarely even see me in bed...since I'm typically gone by the time they wake up to start their days.  In order to cheer me up, they made this "Get-Well card" for me.


I have been given a lot of cards in my lifetime.  None as good as this.  Hallmark better watch out, because nothing beats words of encouragment scribbled by little girlies on light blue construction paper.  Thankfully the virus lasted only 24 hours, but I'll keep this note for a long time.

Quietly making noise,