A combination of a really busy October and a remarkably high level of complaining people and criticism has zapped my desire to blog lately.

We were busy.  We celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary, attended my twenty year high school reunion and then hosted Reformation Day 2006.  That, on top of a normal busy life, made for a draining month.  Kendra and I collapsed into bed after our Reformation party and wondered again why we planned so much in the month of October.

If you haven't noticed, theMangoTimes tends to be a bit edgy.  I highlight that, because whether it is poking fun at goofy lollipop Chrisitanity or taking a swipe at those that treat the grace of God with stifling rigidity, theMT will occasionally assault your sacred cows.  Our family does not homeschool in a box, we don't always toe the party line, and we will often respond with the unexpected.  So don't be shocked when you read something here that "doesn't fit" with your version of what Christianity should be.  Don't flip out when our style of homeschooling doesn't look exactly like you think it should.

Yes we are orthodox in our beliefs. Yes we are confessional...and covenantal...and reformed...but in all of our nifty descriptions, we still like to have fun.  We haven't forgotten to enjoy the Lord and all of His creation.  Let me give you an example..we teach modesty, we enjoy the great hymns of the faith, and we encourage sobriety...but every once in a while you may show up at our house and find us dancing in our bathing suits on the back porch while Jimmy sings about the tropics and the blender spins up some frozen boat drinks.

"That my joy may remain in you...and that your joy may be full"

Quietly making noise,