On my iPod - Artists Beginning with "C"

Chucho Valdes - "Punto Cubano" - the great Cuban hurricaine of jazz. Check him out...

Carl Douglas - "Kung Fu Fighting" - everybody was kung fu fighting! My wife cringed when I first unleashed this in the kitchen after dinner - like our boys need the encouragment!

Crosby, Stills and Nash
- "Marrakesh Express" - this was the first album I bought after bringing home my VW bus.

Choir of King's College, Cambridge
- "O Thou in Whose Presence" - beautiful choral arrangements of my favorite hymns.

Clark Terry/Chico O'farrell - "Mexican Hat Dance" - I know that you are humming it right now in your head, just because you read those words. I'm thinking of buying an official sombrero.

The Commodores - "Brick House" - she's mighty mighty...

Quietly making noise,