A Brief History of theMangoTimes

Although you are reading this in “blog” format, this is not how theMangoTimes began it’s life.

Back in 1995, I graduated from dental school, packed up the family minivan and headed to the NW corner of California for my first job as a "real" dentist. I spent one month working in a dental clinic on a small indian reservation on the Trinity River (the home of Bigfoot…Sasquatch…the Yeti).

Instead of just dropping me off, I convinced Kenj to stay with me. For one month we lived in a one bedroom Best Western motel room with our two sons (age 2 and 6months at the time). While I practiced dentistry and we explored the area, I began to send out a weekly email to a few family and friends that detailed our family activities. I called it “theMangoTimes” because I sent it from my first email account MangoAndy@aol.com (back when AOL distributed their free software on floppy disks). It was an email-log of our experiences (not technically a weblog, but it had the heart of what I do here today…so I like to think of it as the original weblog).


At the time, I was receiving Jimmy Buffett's newsletter called "The Coconut Telegraph" which was named for one of Jimmy's songs. In the song, Jimmy sings about a fake gossip column that chronicles all the weekend happenings in a small island community. The gist – you didn’t want to end up with your name mentioned in “The Coconut Telegraph”. You can listen to a clip of the song here!

I liked the idea of a newsletter/gossip column, so when we returned home, I continued to chronicle our family adventures. I kept the tropical theme and paid homage to another Buffett song, “The Last Mango In Paris” and theMangoTimes was born. Intially theMT was a monthly email and then I learned how to load it on the web. I began discussing everything from bad candy to 1970′s cartoons to really bad parental myths (knuckle popping, etc…). It was easy to write once each month.

Eventually life got really busy (we started having kids by the bucket loads) and I worked hard at building my business. It just took too much time to write, upload, and design a webpage. In 2008, I discovered blogging. I enjoyed the new twist and the new forum. No longer a slave to monthly writings and deadlines, I now blog, update and write as things pop across my "make-believe" editor's desk. 

theMangoTimes continues to be a place for me to poke fun where I deem appropriate. I offer comments on a few of my favorite topics including: my parents, my childhood, television, candy, old friends, ridiculous church behavior, faith-less phariseeism, dopey homeschoolers, and anyone that let's a cat sleep in their bed. I will tell you the funny stuff that the kids say and we’ll try to encourage you to read, watch a movie, or try something I liked.

One last fact…I don’t like mangos. I like coconuts, pineapples, papayas, passionfruit, kiwi, and any other tropical fruit that goes into a drink…but I’ve never been fond of the mango – they are too bitter or something. It works for my blog, but don’t buy me one thinking I’ll be excited. I won't.

Feel free to send in your thoughts or comments on the Let's Connect button above. I love hearing from my readers. 

Quietly making noise,