Off Da Hook

My Hula Girl and I just finished a quick vacation on the island of Maui. Hawaii continues to be a favorite destination. Easy travel from California, consistently beautiful weather, reasonable cost, and an attitude of Aloha have made this a repeat destination that does not fail to deliver.

This trip was not without it's excitement. We both enjoyed the flu for a few days in paradise. Back at home, Mighty Joe took an ambulance ride to the ER for a seizure. Then, on the final night we enjoyed our first rental car accident. Quite a trip! (We kind of feel like we should go back for another run at it!).

Until we return, here are a few quick photos from our adventure:

Quietly making noise,


Andy Fletcher

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher has been married for the past 22 years. He and his wife Kendra are the proud parents of five sons and three daughters, all of whom keep them laughing and on their toes. During the day he can be found fixing people's teeth, but in his spare time you can find Fletch stretching out a pair of flip-flops, creating a new pizza recipe, playing the drums, or rescuing a piece of his tie-dye wardrobe from his wife's donation pile. You can find him online where he writes on his personal blog: theMangoTimes and cohosts with his wife on the podcast.