The Office

I've completely ignored this show for six seasons. I guess I was too busy watching LOST. Did I mention that I miss the island? (and Jack, John, Ben and Hurley).

Why didn't anyone tell me about it? I've been laughing my butt off all week! I can't figure out if I'm more like Michael Scott or Andy Bernard, the jury is still out. Hmmm?

Quietly making noise, 



Andy Fletcher

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher has been married for the past 22 years. He and his wife Kendra are the proud parents of five sons and three daughters, all of whom keep them laughing and on their toes. During the day he can be found fixing people's teeth, but in his spare time you can find Fletch stretching out a pair of flip-flops, creating a new pizza recipe, playing the drums, or rescuing a piece of his tie-dye wardrobe from his wife's donation pile. You can find him online where he writes on his personal blog: theMangoTimes and cohosts with his wife on the podcast.