Prayer Request - Tuesday Morning

Sorry, I've been updating on facebook and neglecting theMT.

Our eight year old is in the hospital recovering from a ruptured appendix.

Over the past week she has developed a few fluid-filled infected areas in her abdomen and her surgeon has made the decision to go in and drain them non-surgically. Sounds easy enough...but one of the areas is precariously located near some arteries, so getting to it with a needle/drain is complicated and risky.

The procedure will take place Tuesday morning at 10:30AM under general anesthesia.

*Please pray with us for a safe and effective procedure.
*Pray for safe anesthesia...going to sleep and waking back up.
*Pray that they find the target and can drain the infections.
*Pray that Caroline's organs and arteries are protected from injury.
*Pray for peace while we wait to hear the results.

I have no estimates on how long this procedure will take, how effective it will be, or when we will be home. I have been told that due to the nature of the infection, that it will be weeks to months before she is back to 100%

Thanks for praying!

Andy Fletcher

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