8 Kids - How do you afford it?

Almost everyday at the office I'm asked: How do you afford all those kids?

I can understand why I am being asked, but as a dad to eight I need to mention that this really is not one of the major family life issues. Getting dressed for church? Now that takes some doing...

Here's the deal, Kendra and I have made choices throughout our marriage that make life financially feasible. From career choices, to housing choices, to savings, to when/where/how we spend our money, we've been purposeful.

Let me give you an example: My career. I chose early in my career to not work exorbitant hours, I'm not so focused on my career that I work myself into the ground and I learned at very early to not make money my main pursuit. God has led us through lean years and years of abundance in my practice. I have never lacked for new patients or enough business. Over the past decade, we have found that God will always provide what we need.

Likewise, Kendra and I are not spend-thrifts. Except for technology, we are content with last year's model and don't need the latest and greatest thing.

But, one of the main reasons we can afford our large family is that my wife is a very wise steward of our household budget. She recently blogged on frugality and wise shopping. She is really good at it. Enjoy her first three posts here:
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Quietly Making Noise,