Repost - "Love Thy Neighbor

Today on facebook,

Kendra's brother Jeff

linked to a great post about a very bold and practical application of loving thy neighbor.

(Click on the image to link to and read the post).

The person in this article did not shy away from her neighbors. She confidently entered their world, attempted to see things from their perspective and then boldly explained that she was there to love her neighbors. You can assume from my link to this article, that I liked what I read. Most of you know that this is something I would probably do myself...if only I lived in a more urban environment. ;)

Let me ask the readers of theMT, did this woman engage the culture? Was this an appropriate step in reaching out to her neighbors and beginning to share the love of Christ with them? Let me know what your overall impressions were of this story.

Quietly making noise,



Andy Fletcher

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