You've heard me say it before, but my best friend eric is one of my favorite people to hang out with. His wife and kids are family favorites to my wife and kids...we even allow each other to hang out during labor and delivery. They are the epitome of good friends.
So, last week, Mr. Thoughtful made dinner for some mutual friends (they are carnival folk..."carnies" as they are called in the trade). Typically, dinner at Eric's house is a pretty cool event, because Lisa (Eric's wife and Kendra's friend) likes to live by the motto: "You'll never starve at my house!" (I've taken her to task on a few occasions and she's right. You'll never starve!).  Although she recently had an incident with a defrosted freezer at their house, and after hearing the story, I've concluded that starvation is not a bad option.

Anyhow, Dana over at The Sunny Side of the Room (which BTW, is my favorite part of the room. Especially on Sundays. Because I like to nap like a circus bear on Sundays and I actually go through the effort to find the warm sunny side of the room). So, like I was saying, Dana posted some pictures of the dinner that Eric was involved in cooking (and gave me permission to use them).

This photo is a prime example of one of the reasons that Eric no longer has hair on his head or forearms


Notice, Firefighter Eric's solution to the inferno...he is using a red cup of water to douse the blaze from a distance (and the purpose of the fork in his left hand?)

Ah...yes! the purpose of the fork - is to stab any remaining life out of the steaks that survived the inferno!

Oui Oui! Welcome to Chef Eric's Cajun House of Beef - Tonight's specialty: "Steak Brulee"


All photos courtesy of Dana

Quietly making noise,


Andy Fletcher

Andy "Fletch" Fletcher has been married for the past 22 years. He and his wife Kendra are the proud parents of five sons and three daughters, all of whom keep them laughing and on their toes. During the day he can be found fixing people's teeth, but in his spare time you can find Fletch stretching out a pair of flip-flops, creating a new pizza recipe, playing the drums, or rescuing a piece of his tie-dye wardrobe from his wife's donation pile. You can find him online where he writes on his personal blog: theMangoTimes and cohosts with his wife on the podcast.