2007 Camp Kissikutu

last weekend was

our annual summer camp

weekend called Camp Kissikutu.  i've blogged on this before, so you can read

why we do it and what it is

...  you can also go directly to

the website here

.  this year we had fourteen campers and the same four counselors.  here are some pictures of the big weekend:


the 2007 campers


we started this year at a local park with a walk-in fountain...the campers loved it!

in these pictures you can see mangoboy#2 trying to grab some water...things were going well until he tried to sniff it...


here are all the campers doing the "all camp somersault"


there i am on the back deck leading the campers in "whose side are you leanin' on" (one of my favorite young life summer camp songs).


my best friend eric led the boys in the making and racing of pineblock derby cars.  it was the highlight of the weekend for all of the boys!


one of the competitions was "who has the biggest smile."  (i don't even know if mangogirl#2 won...but i think she gave it a pretty good effort...).


so the goal here was to carry water from one garbage can to another with a small bucket (with holes)...washing the kid's clothes and the free lawn watering was an added benefit.


the moms were in charge of the camp store/sugar shack.  kids earned "camp bucks" by doing chores all week and working on different projects!  i didn't take any pictures of the items for sale, but believe me...it is a diabetics nightmare!


here is our youngest camper!  he was decked out in his camp kissikutu t-shirt with the camp slogan printed on the back:  Camp Kissikutu - Where you don't need strangers to fill your cabin!

and here is the camp slideshow: