Pleasant Dinner Conversation

Last night's dinner conversation

Mangoboy#2: "Not that I want this to happen...but...if Dad died or had his hands chopped off or something like that...and he could not be a dentist...and we had to move because we were poor and had to live in a really small run down house..."
Me: "Thanks for giving me the option of death or dismemberment..."
Mangoboy#2: "...and if we wrote to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and they redid our house, what type of room would you want them to make for you mom?"
Kendra: "The same room I have now"
Mangoboy#2: "...I'd want a Newsboys room with CD players and flat screen tvs..."
Me: "I'd want a shrine that honored me and my accomplishments before I died and had my hands chopped off!"

Quietly making noise,