Okay...I get it...You think I am wacky


It used to be "Far Side" cartoons.  Anytime the cartoonist drew anything that was remotely associated with


, I would receive copies sent from friends near and far.


this news story

, involving an oral surgeon, boar tusks, general anesthesia, a digital camera, and an unwilling dental assistant has everyone writing in to tell me how this story reminded them of me.

From a patient:

"Dr. Fletcher, this sounds just like something you would try..."

  A friend from dental school wrote:

"Hey Fletch, I read this article and immediately thought of you making the "baby dentures" for friends with newborns."

One of my own employees wrote:

"...I read this article and could actually picture you doing this to one of us...that's why I'm never letting you put me under..."

  Then today at lunch my mom said,

"Did you read about the dentist in the paper this morning...it reminds me of you..."

Truth be told,

I would actually try something like this

.  When kendra had her wisdom teeth extracted, I did take the time to write on her belly when she was under anesthetic.  I have been known to put the "sucky saliva straw" up a patient's nose in an effort to "de-boogerify" them.  I have also squirted water on my assistants chair and then blamed her for "wetting herself."  Oh yeah, I have also played "name that tune" with my patients by blowing air into my latex gloves and making a variety of fart sounds.  I regularly tell patients that my assistants are members of a gang.  One time, I began treatment on a patient, then left and shaved my head bald, showered and returned to complete the procedure.  Once, while taking Advil in front of a patient, I told them it was anti-anxiety medication to help me with tremors.  So, I am no stranger to the practical joke and taking a photo of a staff member with tusks is not a stretch for my practice.

I hate to see the insurance company and courts get involved with this type of inter-office humor...it puts a damper on my entire practice...

Quietly making noise,