Why We Live Here...

California has been hit with a wave of beautiful weather this past week. We keep telling each other that this is the reason we have chosen to live here. This past weekend we had the luxury of going on a quick business trip to the Napa Valley (dentists always pick the best spots for business trips...). Anyhow, I woke up early for a quick morning jog and grabbed the camera (just in case i saw anything pretty), here are a few of the pics i caught...
If you look you can see the mustard was in full bloom. It was like this throughout the valley - gorgeous! All the vineyards have been recently pruned and the entire area was in beautiful bloom!
The hot air balloons were going up right behind our hotel. From those that stayed in bed, it sounded like a blast furnace outside the window. I missed that part, but enjoyed the beauty of them drifting upward into the morning sunrise.
This wasn't on my morning run, but on Saturday night our dental group visited Pine Ridge winery and caves for a tour and then had a great meal in the bottom of the caves. This is looking down one of the many tunnels they use deep in the side of the mountain to ferment their wines.

Quietly making noise,