No Snow?


"Joseph, Jesus and Mary"

The Archbishop of Canterbury declared to the BBC a variety of untruths regarding the nativity scene, suggesting that manufacturers and artists of Christmas cards were being duplicitous. Aside from debunking the "three wise men conspiracy," he suggested that it really didn't snow in Bethlehem during the birth of Christ.
As the editor of theMangoTimes, I realize that I am not the leader of the Anglican world communion nor am I a meterologist...but I think most of my very young children are pretty firm on the fact that the "holy land" sits on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and will probably never see snow.
what i found more disturbing in archbishop rowan's comments was his declaration that the virgin birth need not be a "hurdle" for those new to the faith. hold the phone here arch...

"And you know that He was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin"
1John 3

The entire premise of the gospel...the reason that it is good great because Christ satisfied the law by living a sinless life and then paid our penalties as a spotless sacrifice. about the canterbury tales...we certainly wouldn't want that to be a "hurdle" now would we?
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