"I'd like that to-go please..."

Last friday, my wife and her best friend spent the day making food together. They decided they wanted to fill their freezers, so they spent the day cooking, baking, and crockpotting a bunch of meals. (Editor's note: they are super-smart moms and they are very well organized - not like me...I plan my next meal while I am walking through the aisles of the supermarket). These two are always thinking ahead, hovering near the border of sheer brilliance.
So, Kendra took the majority of the kids with her to this "festival o' cooking" and I took a couple with me to the office for a "Day o' paperwork." As I finished my stuff, I got a call from my best friend Eric, who wanted to know if I wanted to take the kids out for dinner (since our wives had just spent the entire day cooking together...this guy is also brilliant...thoughtful, too!). It was one thing when we it was only a few children each, but now this is no small matter and not one I was sure I wanted to engage in. Essentially, I would be asking for a restaurant to make space for 18 people (on a Friday night to boot!).
We settled on ordering food to bring in to their house. Eric decided to get food for the adults (four people) and I decided to get food for the kids (fourteen people). I went to my favorite mexican restaurant in town...below is the order i penciled out.


bcb=bean and cheese burritos
I've written about this before...but just feeding this crew is getting to be silly... By the way, idea for a successful venture: a true family friendly restaurant (where having more than 6 kids won't put the staff out...).
Quietly making noise,