The Ten Commandments


This is what most people see every day when they sit in my dental chair. This is one of the reasons that I believe dentistry is scary (big ugly bald guys hovering 11 inches over your face can be a bit intimidating...throw in a needle, drill and bright light...yikesy!).  Anyhow, this is only one of the things you see when you get dentistry done in my office.
In order to make things more interesting, I often put funny posters or pictures on the ceiling to make people smile or laugh as they peek around my big domed head staring down at them.


About a year ago, I put up the ten commandments on the ceiling.  Why you ask? because I can!  It is my office and I can put up whatever I want on the of snagglepuss, my kids acting like the beatles, my handsome face, whatever I want...that's the beauty of private business ownership.
Well, here's where it gets good.  Yesterday I had a patient call and tell me that his family was changing dentists. Was it the pinchy shots?  Nope. was it the cost of my fillings? Nope. my bad breath? Nope. It was none of those things.  This family was offended because I had "the ten commandments" poster on the ceiling and suggested that I take it down, because it is inappropriate to post "religious posters" in a private dental office. If only this patient knew the power behind my great dental skills.
Here's the kicker. I never mention the poster...(except for the time I had a "grunge mouth" patient tell me he flossed regularly, so I pointed to the poster and reminded him of the need to be truthful.   He saw the humor and confessed that he didn't floss or brush).
The lesson - don't underestimate the power of God's law upon the hearts and minds of those that don't know him.  Just having to stare at the ten commandments was offensive to this family, can you imagine if I had actually said something?
I'm on a crusade now.  I plan on putting a few Jesus candles next to the receptionist, I may get a poster of "jesus laughing" for the wall, and at Christmas Iam thinking of putting a full nativity in the waiting room.

Quietly making noise,