We Need An Alice!


Photo courtesy Buzzsugar

If you haven't heard yet or deciphered from some of the comments on the blog...We are having another baby.
Yes...I know...Christian is only seven months old.
Yes...I know...this will be our eighth.
Yes...I know...Kendra is still recovering and exhausted.
Yes...I know...they will only be 14 months apart.
Yes...I know...you are shocked...so are we...I lived in denial for a month and finally was able to admit that Kendra was actually pregnant.

So...we need an Alice. We need someone that helps us cook, clean and solve a family crisis in only 1/2 hour. We need someone that can get us good deals at the butcher. We need someone that would be willing to travel with a station wagon full of kids to the Grand Canyon (or fly to Hawaii!). Yes, we need an Alice. If you know someone, that wants to be an Alice, please have them respond to theMangoTimes.
In the meantime, rejoice with us that God has graciously blessed us with another child. We are lookin forward to his/her arrival in May 2008.

Quietly making noise (and children)