In commenting about the really bad star wars trumpet player, Stacy mentioned that my wife had recorded a song for me and she asked if I would share it with you.
Well, I didn't ask Kendra if I could post it on the web, so it might be gone by tomorrow, so listen quick before she finds out. The song is called "Fly" by Sara Groves. Kendra recorded it as a Christmas gift for me two years ago. She was pretty sneaky and with the help of Heather at the piano, the two of them snuck out to a local studio to record.
For those that don't know, it's not like she just cranks out songs like this every day. Kendra has sung and performed all of her life and even has her bachelor's degree from the UOP Conservatory of Music (which was used as a backdrop for Raiders of the Lost Ark), but her music career has taken a slowdown in order to raise a household of kids. So, taking the time to plan and record this song was a treat for her and a blessing for me. I'm still waiting for the full album to be completed. hope you enjoy it!

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