Homeschool Planning

This weekend, my wife and her best friend are getting together to plan and prepare for next year.  With five kids in school, it involves a whole bunch of copying, collating, notebooking, curriculum purchasing, and a little Ben/Jerry's ice cream (or so I've heard).

I realize and readily admit that I am not "there" helping with each and every decision or task, but here's how it works:  I've given her the freedom to plan out the year and choose how we are going to educate each child.  She presents that plan to me and we tweak it together or discuss specific struggles or issues she sees with each kid.  Then we put feet to the plan.  What do i really do?  Well, honestly...not much...  But I do provide her with unhindered time (a weekend typically) - free of the typical meal planning/prep, schooling, supervision, etc...  I realize it is not much, but it is the one thing that I know I can tangibly do to help her.