Sheltering - aka, "Aren't you isolating your kids?"

To continue with my theme of having answers for the critics, I will continue with another question I am asked regularly. 

"Hey Fletch, don't you think you are sheltering your kids?"

Yes. Yes I do think I am sheltering my kids. Thanks for noticing. I hope you are sheltering your kids too! That's what we are supposed to be doing as parents.  We are to serve as shelters for our children, especially the young ones.  Egads! You caught me - I am also guilty of feeding my children and allowing them to live in my house --call CPS!  And yes, in case you are wondering, I realize that I am being very cheeky.

We are to protect our children - that is what parents are supposed to do.  We have chosen to insulate our children as well.  Each family will have it's own comfort level with how much exposure they will allow to their children.  We may have higher standards than most, but it has always been our goal to insulate our children from within.  Actually, the better way to say it may be like this, we do not want to constantly go before our children and prepare the road for our children," but we do want to take the time and effort to "prepare our children for the road."

Think about it...really...seriously...think this through for me...our American culture teaches a worldview of secular humanism.  As a Christian family, we have a worldview that is Biblical and Christian in nature.  We only have our children for a very short time and we want to make the very most of that time.

Lastly, if we really appear to be too "sheltering" for you, please realize that we rarely make choices that we have not thought through. As our children age, we expose them to more and more, so they are prepared to engage the culture. We try to do this while they are still in our home, a practice ground of sorts. Your situation may be different. You may have made different choices for your family, including your choice of education for them. Again, these are choices you've made for your family.  We have made our decisions...different...most likely...but they are ours to make.

Quietly making noise,