On my iPod - Artists Beginning with "J"

Jack Johnson - "Banana Pancakes" - I can't get this memory out of my mind.  We lived in a really cool neighborhood in San Francisco.  On Saturday mornings I would push the oldest mangoboy down to Peet's Coffee in his stroller, get a cup of coffee, and then walk back up and make pancakes, frenchtoast or some other breakfast treat.

Jimmy Buffett - "I don't Know and I Don't Care" - great little tune about living life on the periphery, hence the title.

Johnny Cash - "I Walk the Line" - the man in black.  I love listening to Cash. Did you catch Joaquin Phoenix in the movie?

John Coltrane - "Epistrophy" - great jazz with the Thelonius Monk quartet.  This piece especially makes me feel like I'm in a smoky club checking out some good tunes.

Joey DeFrancesco - "Fly Me to the Moon" - more jazz. I would love to have this as background music to my day to day life.

Quietly making noise,
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Andy Fletcher

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